Polythene Bags

Bags For Wet Umbrella

With the safety rules and regulations implemented on Buildings, Schools, Institutions, Hotels, Hospitals and Social Clubs providing a safer environment for visitors. Our company has come up with a bag for wet umbrella during rainy day. This bag, made of Polypropylene material provides excellent water and tear resistant. It retains the rainwater from the visitor’s soak umbrella, while moving around the building without wetting the floor.

ItemDescription Weight / LengthPackingQty
1 Plastic Bags Stand1 Unit1 Unit
2 0.04mm x 4" x 28"100pcs/pkt3000 pcs/sack
3 0.04mm x 4" x 34"100pcs/pkt3000 pcs/sack
4 0.04mm x 5'' x 12''100pcs/pkt5000 pcs/sack