Polythene Bags

Black Nursery Bags with Air Holes

Black Nursery Bags are made using holes to allow water to be released during watering process so as to prevent the young seedlings from over soaking thus killing them. The black colour provides excellent ultra violet protection from the sunlight. The advantages of using these bags are hassle free transferring of plants direct into pots or ground holes without damaging the roots or seedlings. *This is a customized made bag, kindly send in enquiry for this item.

ItemDescription Weight / LengthPackingQty
1 0.12mm x 6.5+6 x 12"1055 lbs
2 0.12mm x 7.5+7 x 12"905 lbs
3 0.12mm x 7.5+7 x 15.5"705 lbs
4 0.12mm x 7.5+7 x 20"10510 lbs
5 0.12mm x 7.5+7 x 23.5"9010 lbs
6 0.12mm x 10+9 x 23.5"7010 lbs